Cambridge Institute

Study of Korea


CISK was founded in May of 2014 to compliment the hard won expansion of Korean studies within the academy. CISK does this by enabling high-return research that many institutions have found too risky to support. Sustaining innovative scholars, disseminating quality cultural information about Korea, and incubating ideas that have the potential to transform the field of Korean studies, CISK aims to help make the field of Korean studies as vibrant and varied as the field’s object.


CISK will feature an administrative superstructure to support various programs, each of which will be managed by a Program Director. Currently CISK has two Programs, referred to as the Center for Early Korean Studies, and the Korea Text Initiative. Each is directed by the founders of the Institute. Additional Programs may be established, and existing Programs may be terminated or altered, based on the deliberations of the Board of Directors. Program Directors will enjoy considerable autonomy, though they will be bound by the policies and rules of the Institute as determined by the Board of Directors. Additional Program Directors may be brought in on a term or permanent basis.


The Institute’s offices will be in Cambridge Massachusetts, though additional work environments may be established on a temporary or permanent basis in other locations depending on program requirements. At present it is anticipated that additional bases of operation may be set up in California and in South Korea.


Program activities will proceed under the direction of the responsible Program Directors, the work being conducted in those areas deemed as appropriate by the Program Directors in coordination with the Board of Directors.

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